Water Damage? Don’t Wait!

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Water Damage? Don’t wait, call a professional right away!

The rainy season has officially started! We saw that today, not only by looking outside and working in the rain but also by the number of water damage calls we received. One of the most important things about treating a water intrusion, is to get to it fast and not let it sit and leach into everything it can. Water is very good at traveling through materials and getting into very hard to reach places. Bridge Town Restoration offers 24 hour emergency response services for this exact reason.

As water gets into your home or office, it starts to leach into the walls, floorboards, cabinets and into what ever else it comes in contact with. The faster you call someone for help. the faster we can get that water out with out it creeping into the structural boards, flooring, drywall or trim pieces. Tossing towels in it or using a regular shop vac is NOT ENOUGH to treat the water intrusion. The longer the water sits around, the longer and more expensive is the drying treatment. In most cases, if the water damage is not treated with in 24 hours some items will be damaged beyond repair. After 72 hours mold will begin to grow and the mold remediation process is even more intrusive, expensive and time consuming compared to treating the problem right away.

If you have water coming into your home or office, please DO NOT WAIT to call a professional. Bridge Town Restoration is available 24/7 so do not hesitate to call even if it is in the middle of the night.