Olefin Berber and Commercial Carpeting – How To Keep It Clean?

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As you can see from the photos, this is a very extreme case of dirty carpet. These pictures are 100% real. In fact they are loaded straight from a cell phone to the site! Olefin Berber is a very common type of carpet and is used in many commercial and residential structures. It is very durable and repels soil well but it does have one drawback. This carpet shows an amazing difference as it gets cleaned but as it dries, the amazing difference can be less and less noticeable. The process of “browning” is what happens as this type of carpet starts to dry. Because of the way Berber carpet is constructed, it is notorious for browning after cleaning. Olefin Berber carpeting loops around and has two points of contact with the pad and base of the carpet. This makes the wicking, a process of evaporation which brings dirt back up with the evaporating moisture, twice as bad as normal carpeting that only has one point of contact with the base.

There are several techniques that can help prevent this process.  Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning takes every step possible to minimize the browning and your Olefin Berber carpeting looking great. 

We start by using the appropriate solutions, which help prevent the process. Also we use a low moisture carpet cleaning method when dealing with this type of carpet. The low moisture carpet cleaning process leaves less water to evaporate, thus less chance for the wicking to occur. The next step is to help dry the carpet a fast as possible, leaving the least amount of time possible for the browning to happen. 

These steps and a thorough professional carpet cleaning by Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning will leave your Berber carpets looking great. Lastly, if any stains do manage to come back or the browning does occur, give us a call for a free follow up cleaning!