Portland Carpet Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Here are the top 10 tips that will help you keep your home clean and make your carpets last even longer!  Proper maintenance is key as well as reacting quickly.  Some stains will require a bit more attention and may end up needing a steam clean.  If so don’t hesitate to call a professional like Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum Regularly.  Proper maintenance is the best advice for keeping a clean carpet.
  • Keep a rag/towel by the door. This can be used to wipe pet’s paws and other messes brought in from the outside.
  • Blot. Do not rub the carpet. Rubbing may damage the fibers as well as set the stain further into the carpet.
  • Keep a doormat or floor rug by the door.
  • Have slippers for your guests. House slippers are a good way to keep  shoes and dirt away from your clean carpets.
  • Put a damp rag with a heavy object on the stain over night.  Some stains may come back after being treated because they go so deep into the pad. Using a heavy object will absorb as much of the stain as possible into the rag rather than the pad.
  • Act quickly. The faster you can get to the problem spot, the less likely it will become a long-term problem.  Using warm water and a damp towel will take care of most fresh spills.
  • Use light cleaning products. Try not to use heavy cleaning products that can damage your carpets.
  • Never use high heat.  High heat, like an iron or hair dryer, can set a stain permanently by dying the fibers of the carpet.
  • Call a professional carpet cleaner.  Doing regular, deep cleanings will increase the life of your carpet and make cleaning easier for you as well.  A regular steam clean is recommended about once every 6 months.

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