Some Types Of Mold Are Good, But Not In Your Home

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Mold is very unsightly, and seeing it on a block of cheese or a loaf of bread can be pretty disgusting. As bad as mold can look, however, it does have its benefits. Mold is a very important part of nature because it naturally recycles organic matter. Certain varieties of mold have been found to kill bacteria, make cheese, and make bread rise, just to name a few good examples.

In 1928, a Scottish scientist by the name of Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered that some strains of Penicillium fungi acted like antibiotics. From this discovery, Penicillin emerged and was used as medicine. Penicillin was, and still is, viewed by many as a miracle drug. Many other medicines and antibiotics are created using mold. In fact, any medicine that ends in “mycin” is derived from mold.

If it weren’t for mold and fungi, we wouldn’t have beer or bread. Yeast is used in fermentation and is also used to make bread rise in the oven. Many of the unique cheeses in the world are enhanced by using different strains of mold to add flavor. Blue cheese, for example, is enhanced with Penicillium mold which is what gives it its spotty, veiny look as well as its unique smell and taste.

While mold has been found to be extremely useful for a number of reasons, people still don’t want it in their homes. It can cause problems indoors, especially if you are allergic to the mold. At Bridge Town Cleaning, we’re a mold remediation company that also offers Oregon dry ice blasting of indoor mold. If you have a mold problem and you want it gone forever, give Bridge Town Cleaning a call for a free estimate.