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Carpet Cleaning Questions, Answers & Tips

Below you will find a few of the commonly asked carpet cleaning questions we hear and a few carpet cleaning tips you can use before calling us. First carpet cleaning tip is to act immediately. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips:

  • Act quickly.
  • Choose the right stain remover for the job.
  • Blot the liquid. Don’t Rub!
  • Test cleaning products in an inconspicuous area.
  • Use towels or rags that share a similar or lighter color to the carpet.
  • Always dry the carpet when finished.

How do I remove wine stains from carpet? Step 1: Blot the spill with paper towels or a clean cloth. Step 2: Combine 1 teaspoon carpet shampoo (or dish soap, like Dawn) and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Soak a clean sponge in the mixture, squeeze it halfway dry, then gently blot the stain. Continue until the stain lifts. Step 3: Sponge the stained area with warm water. Step 4: Blot dry with a clean cloth or paper towels.

How do I eliminate pet urine odors from carpet? Neutralize the odor by alternating baking soda and vinegar. I always follow cleaning up a pet mess by sprinkling the area with baking soda, leaving that overnight, and then vacuuming it up. Pets have an excellent sense of smell, in fact, they can smell the residue from their previous tinkle, and this makes them feel as if that marks the spot for the next tinkle.

How do I remove gum from carpet? Use ice to freeze the gum, then shatter it with a blunt object, such as a spoon. Vacuum before the pieces soften, and blot the carpet with a white towel.

How do I remove glue from carpet? Moisten a cotton ball or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and press it on the affected area. Once the glue residue is thoroughly moistened, gently wipe it off and repeat until the carpet is clean.

Can I use the same carpet cleaner on every stain? In short, No. It is important to treat a stain with the correct method because doing it wrong can set the stain. Setting the stain means permanently dying the fibers of the carpet. Knowing what the stain is, greatly helps treating it. There are three primary stain categories.

  1. Synthetic stains; These are stains left by products that contain a man made dye. Some examples of these stains are: Gatorade, colored candy, food coloring,
  2. Organic stains: Stains left by plant or animal source. Some examples include: Coffee, ketchup, blood, mildew, dirt, clay.. etc.
  3. Petroleum based stains; These are stains that come from products that originated from petroleum. Some examples include: gum, oil, ink. Etc

If you remember where the stain came from, make sure to let Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning know so they can treat the stain with the proper technique to get it out with best results and with out permanently damaging your carpet.

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Caution: Never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia – the resulting fumes are hazardous