Post Winter Water Damage Restoration

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Now that the wet winter months are over, water damage on your home or property can be a major concern. It is something where the earlier you can detect the problem and get it fixed, the better off you will be. If water damage goes left untreated, it will spread throughout your home, causing major damage to the structure. Water damage can also be very hazardous to your health if allowed to spread.


Typical causes of water damage may be a slowly leaking pipe that takes you a while to notice or something more obvious, like a burst water pipe. The severity of water damage and safety concerns can be gauged by the color of the water. If the water appears clear, then it likely does not carry any bacteria. When the water is more gray in appearance, then it is usually contaminated with chemicals and bacteria. Any water that appears black is very bad, as that means it is full of harmful bacteria and chemicals.

Water damage that happens over time is usually more troubling as it is difficult to notice and has more time to develop mold or fungus. When mold or fungus is created, your family’s health can be at risk. Serious health problems can stem from mold or fungus including skin rashes, asthma, chronic cough, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

When you notice water damage of any kind, be sure to have an experienced professional come in and repair it. If you don’t and it is improperly repaired it is likely that the damage will have more time to spread and cost you more in the long run. Contact us to see how we can help with your water damage restoration needs.