Filtration Soiling. What is it?

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Filtration Soiling.  What is it?

Most of us have seen dark lines form around the edges of our carpet as well as in the corners and edges of the stairs and wondered how they got there.   Did the vacuum not reach in the corner? What is it? Why won’t it vacuum up?

These are all common questions people find them selves thinking when they encounter filtration soiling.  This is especially common is colder climates like Portland, Oregon.

 You know that it’s dirt but how does it get there and how do we get rid of it?

 This is known as filtration soiling and it can be very difficult to get rid of.  The movement of air through out your house is what causes this naturally accruing phenomenon.  We all know that cold air falls as warm air rises; well, this is the same idea.  As your house heats up, the warm air is pushed to the top floor through any crack/crevice it can find and the cold air does the opposite and finds its way down.

With that air come miniscule particles of dirt and oily particles that travel though the carpet.  Since your carpet is the biggest air filter in you home, the oily particles get stuck in the carpet and trap more and more dirt as time passes, until you have a visible line of dirt.   The composition of this soiling is what makes it so hard to clean.  Since the particles are so tiny, they get entangled in the fibers of the carpet and the oily composition of the dirt makes a strong bond between the soiling and the carpet.

 Regular carpet cleaning can help battle this type of soiling.  If the carpets are cleaned every 6-12 months by a professional carpet cleaner, the soil does not have enough time to deposit deep into the carpet fibers.   However not everyone schedules regular carpet cleanings and the filtration soiling gets worse and worse.

To get rid of this deeply embedded dirt, our carpet cleaning technicians use the appropriate solutions as well as hot water and powerful suction.  However, in many situations even that is not enough.  In some cases where the filtration soiling has been there for a long time, it is necessary to encapsulate the dirt and break it away from the carpet fibers before extracting it.  This is done with the help of certain gels and solutions, some agitation and a few specific tools.

So don’t give up on those carpets just yet!  Give Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning a call to schedule a free estimate and get your home looking fresh and clean again!

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