Portland’s Local Dry Ice Blasting Pro’s

Bridge Town’s Dry Ice Blasting services are as Eco-Friendly as it gets. No harsh chemicals or solvents, just high pressure and dry ice that rapidly disintegrates on contact, leaving no mess and no moisture! Our dry ice blasting service is a safe and cost effective solution that is also good for our environment. Dry ice blasting is a fairly new to the Portland area but it is a great eco-friendly technology and Bridge Town is proud to be one of the only dry ice blasting services in the Portland metro area. CO2 blasting (another name for dry ice blasting) can be used to clean brick, concrete and metal objects as well as on much softer objects like studs and structural beams with out damaging the wood.  Other great applications for dry ice blasting include graffiti removal, soot clean up, mold remediation and industrial cleaning.





Some common uses for dry ice blasting in the North West would include:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Cleaning Industrial Machines
  • Printing Presses
  • Epoxy Removal
  • Smoke Damage / Fire Restoration

About Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice blasting is the green alternative to chemical cleaning, mold remediation and many other applications. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive cleaning method that is used in various industries, applications and locations. Dry ice blasting is a perfect method for cleaning mold and mildew, smoke damage, brick, stone, electrical panels, delicate metals, graffiti and commercial equipment without damaging what’s underneath. Dry ice blasting has a wide rage of applications because it can be used without leaving any residue or contaminates, without damaging active electrical parts or equipment, and without any risk of fire or water damage. Our dry ice blasting service in  the North West is powerful enough to take rust off a car and gentle enough to remove smoke damage off walls without damaging the studs or joists underneath. Please contact us directly for more information about dry ice blasting in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas.  We offer our services to customers with in 100 Miles of Portland Metro Area.  Also please feel free to call with any questions, references or questions.

How does dry ice blasting work?

Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to blast small dry ice pellets the size of a grain of rice at a supersonic high velocity towards the cleaning surface. When the dry ice makes contact with the surface, it flash freezes the contaminant and by expanding to 30 times its original size, blasts the contaminant off the wall from behind. Instantly the dry ice evaporates, leaving behind no residue at all. This means we can get rid of mold in your attic or basement with out having to use harsh chemicals or contaminate the area with other blasting materials. We can safely and effectively remove graffiti from walls with out making another mess, with out using hazardous paint thinners, solvents or chemicals. In short, our Eco-Friendly dry ice blasting machine gives us the ability to reach places where conventional blasting cannot reach.

Dry Ice Blasting Being Used to Clean Smoke/Soot Damaged Brick After a Fire

Dry Ice Blasting Used to Clean Mold From Concrete


Dry ice blasting is a great way to tackle the worst of mold problems.  Dry ice is a softer and less abrasive medium so it does not damage the wood, concrete or any other surface that is being blasted. Unlike sanding, dry ice blasting can penetrate in the cracks and corners where traditional sanding can not be effective. Also, unlike soda blasting, there is no mess to clean up.  The ice evaporates instantly, leaving behind just a bit o dust which gets collected in our HEPA filters and vacuums.

Why dry ice blasting?

The main benefit to dry ice blasting over chemicals and other blasting mediums is that the dry ice evaporates into CO2, a naturally occurring gas. Another strong benefit of dry ice blasting over conventional sand or soda blasting, is that there no clean up after. We are able to blast the surface clean of mold or grease and have minimal clean up as the dry ice evaporates and turns back into CO2. Dry ice blasting is the safest and most effective Eco-Friendly cleaning method available today. For more information about dry ice blasting in Portland, Oregon and Washington or to schedule our Portland dry ice blasting services contact us directly.

Dry Ice Blasting Being Used to Clean Hydro Electrical Turbine.  Eco Friendly Cleaning for Eco Friendly Power


In this case, dry ice was used to clean the delicate turbine that would have been otherwise damaged by sand blasting or soda blasting. The dry ice evaporates on contact so there is no need to worry about particles os sand, soda or walnut shells getting stuck in the gears.  Also since it is a soft and non abrasive medium, it does not damage the delicate and soft copper used to make the turbine.

Service Areas:

We will gladly come out to your area of need as long as it is with in 100 miles of the Portland Metro Area.  We can travel further upon request but special arrangements and pricing would be in place.

Beaverton Oregon, Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, Salem Oregon, Eugene Oregon, Scappoose OR, Spoke WA, Tigard, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gladstone, Sandy, Hillsboro, St. John’s, Olympia, Tri Cities, Washougal, Camas, Longview,  Kelso, Astoria, Sea Side, Tillamook etc..