Dry Ice Blasting, Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Eco-Friendly Power

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Dry ice is an effective cleaning method that can be used in many different ways on a variety of surfaces. Some of the many uses for dry ice blasting in portland are mold remediation and soot/smoke damage restoration but we must not forget about the great benefits of dry ice blasting when it comes to cleaning delicate objects

Industrial cleaning is, in fact, one of the most common uses for dry ice blasting.  Delicate items like gears, small mechanical parts, electrical components and delicate metals are some of the surfaces that respond great to dry ice blasting. Since dry ice is much softer than alternative blasting mediums, it can be used on delicate objects with out damaging them.  Also since the ice evaporates on contact, there is no mess to clean up.  This is especially handy when working on a sensitive piece like a turbine that goes in the center of a hydro electric damn.

The following video and pictures are of the most recent job we did. This turbine was shipped from over seas and the salt water created some rust issues in the inner parts of the turbine. Using the dry ice blasting we were able to clean off the rust and gel coating that was preventing the equipment from generating power. Other blasting mediums would have damaged the soft metal sides of the turbine as well as contaminated the gears and bearings inside the multi million dollar piece of equipment.

This cleaning job took approximately 2 hours, where manual cleaning would have taken over a week.

This is just one of many projects that the dry ice outperforms other cleaning techniques and other blasting mediums.