Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for your customers to walk in and notice the stains on the floor, the musky smell of old spills and the overall dirty brown look of your carpets. This is especially noticeable  in the summer months when there is more natural light and higher humidity.


Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning offers regularly scheduled commercial carpet cleaning to our Portland carpet cleaning customers. Ask about our package deals and monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi annual carpet cleaning packages.

Regular maintenance is important but since not every business can do routine cleanings every 3-6 months, Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning offers a deep clean with Scotchgard and Fresh Wave De-Odorizer. These de-odorizers attack and eliminate the source of the odor and leave a nice fresh scent.

At Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning, we understand that your business can not take the day off for a carpet cleaning.   This is why we work on the weekends, in the evenings and in some cases in the middle of the night, so you never miss a minute of business.  We are avaliable 24/7 so do not hesitate to call at any time.

Contact Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning for an estimate and ask about our specials for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Portland.  Call 503-816-8585