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When you want your home to look nice, you try to find anything that needs cleaning or that can be made to look nicer. The biggest thing that people concentrate on is their floor. Whether it’s tile, wood, or linoleum the floor is where most attention is focused in or to make the inside of your house look good. While cleaning the floor is important, focusing too much on the floor can cause you to overlook the furniture. Even if there haven’t been any spills on your upholstery, it doesn’t mean that it’s clean. Dust and other air particles will attach themselves to your upholstery, which can cause allergies to flare up and cause the color of your upholstery to fade.

To help get your upholstery as clean as possible, it’s best to hire a professional upholstery cleaner. Professionals can get do the deepest cleaning, while avoiding damage to your upholstery. Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned can even get rid it of any set in stains that may be on your furniture, including the ones on the cushion you flipped over to hide. The biggest benefit of getting your upholstery cleaned is that it will last longer and not need to be replaced as often.

Look for an experienced and trusted Portland Upholstery cleaner to ensure that you get the best service, with no damage to your furniture. Bridge Town Cleaning is the industry leader in Portland upholstery cleaning and will go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right.

Upholstery Cleaning Portland Oregon

One often overlooked area when it comes to keeping you house clean is the furniture.  Furniture is usually pretty durable and often times the coloring will camouflage dirt, making it appear clean; however, furniture can quickly become one of the dirtiest areas of your house.

Upholstery Cleaning Portland Oregon

The reason it can become so dirty is the constant usage it receives.  As family members come and go with their daily business, everyone always seems to spend some time on the furniture.  Those with animals often find their dogs and cats lounging around on the furniture as well.  Unfortunately, all of this contributes to the hidden dirt and dander built up in furniture.

Sometimes your furniture will allow for you to remove the cushion covers for washing.  While this may be convenient, it only allows for you to partially clean your upholstery.  What about the upholstery that’s not just covering the cushions?  It may even become damaged while going through the washing machine and dryer.

Since the upholstery might not always appear dirty, it often gets passed over when the house gets cleaned.  Bridge Town is the leader for upholstery cleaning in Portland OR. We have top of the line equipment to remove all of the built-up dirt that has found its way into your furniture.  We take special care to ensure your furniture is cleaned properly and does not incur any damage.  When we are done, your furniture will look just like it did the day you brought it home.

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