Dry Ice Blasting, Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Eco-Friendly Power


Dry ice is an effective cleaning method that can be used in many different ways on a variety of surfaces. Some of the many uses for dry ice blasting in portland are mold remediation and soot/smoke damage restoration but we must not forget about the great benefits of dry ice blasting when it comes to cleaning delicate objects

Industrial cleaning is, in fact, one of the most common uses for dry ice blasting.  Delicate items like gears, small mechanical parts, electrical components and delicate metals are some of the surfaces that respond great to dry ice blasting. Since dry ice is much softer than alternative blasting mediums, it can be used on delicate objects with out damaging them.  Also since the ice evaporates on contact, there is no mess to clean up.  This is especially handy when working on a sensitive piece like a turbine that goes in the center of a hydro electric damn.

The following video and pictures are of the most recent job we did. This turbine was shipped from over seas and the salt water created some rust issues in the inner parts of the turbine. Using the dry ice blasting we were able to clean off the rust and gel coating that was preventing the equipment from generating power. Other blasting mediums would have damaged the soft metal sides of the turbine as well as contaminated the gears and bearings inside the multi million dollar piece of equipment.

This cleaning job took approximately 2 hours, where manual cleaning would have taken over a week.

This is just one of many projects that the dry ice outperforms other cleaning techniques and other blasting mediums.


Tough Carpet Stains

There is almost nothing worse than being the guy at the party who spills red wine all over your friend’s white carpet. Luckily, if you can’t avoid spilling at parties, there are some simple techniques you can use to get rid of even the toughest of carpet stains.

Coffee and red wine are the two most notorious carpet staining drinks in existence. They both have deep colors and are acidic, which makes them very difficult to remove. If you manage to spill red wine or coffee on white carpet, the best thing to do is attack the stain before it dries and soaks into the fibers of the carpet. If done immediately after spilling, pouring club soda or water on the stain and then blotting the spot with a cloth can remove it. Never, ever rub the stain with a cloth. Rubbing the stain will only swirl the red wine/coffee around and make the stain bigger and deeper. If the stain is still there, then you can try waiting until it is dry and using baking soda paste with water to get the stain out. If none of those techniques work, then you can always use the classic method of shifting your furniture to conveniently cover any noticeable stains. This method only works one or two times, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent solution.

Another notorious carpet-killer is ink. Maybe you stepped on your favorite pen and it exploded in an inky mess, or perhaps your child used the carpet as their own personal coloring board; whatever the case, ink stains can wreak havoc on white carpet. If you spot an ink stain right when it happens, you can use a clean cloth soaked with isopropyl alcohol to dab the stain up. Once again, never rub or grind the stain, this will only intensify the stain. After you have dabbed the stain away with alcohol, rinse the area with water and vacuum up the excess moisture until the carpet is dry.

Blood is another substance that you most definitely want to avoid getting on your carpet. Luckily, bleeding on carpet is pretty rare, but if it does happen there are a few things to know that will make removing the stain a lot easier. When cleaning up blood spots, always make sure to use cold water. Cold water keeps the blood from thickening. Fill a bottle with a mixture of dish soap and cold water then douse the blood spot with the mixture. Then use a towel to dab the spot and transfer the blood from the carpet to the towel. If the stain is still there, then you can try this method over and over again until it is completely removed.

Some stains are pure evil and no matter how hard you attack them they will never completely go away. This can be very frustrating, especially if you just installed brand new carpet in your home. Sometimes it is better to just admit defeat and call the professionals. At Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in performing thorough and quality Portland carpet cleaning and Portland upholstery cleaning.  Give us a call for a free estimate, no matter how dirty your carpet may look.


Olefin Berber and Commercial Carpeting – How To Keep It Clean?

Berber Carpet Cleaning Portland, OR

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Portland, OR

Steam Cleaning Portland, OR

As you can see from the photos, this is a very extreme case of dirty carpet. These pictures are 100% real. In fact they are loaded straight from a cell phone to the site! Olefin Berber is a very common type of carpet and is used in many commercial and residential structures. It is very durable and repels soil well but it does have one drawback. This carpet shows an amazing difference as it gets cleaned but as it dries, the amazing difference can be less and less noticeable. The process of “browning” is what happens as this type of carpet starts to dry. Because of the way Berber carpet is constructed, it is notorious for browning after cleaning. Olefin Berber carpeting loops around and has two points of contact with the pad and base of the carpet. This makes the wicking, a process of evaporation which brings dirt back up with the evaporating moisture, twice as bad as normal carpeting that only has one point of contact with the base.

There are several techniques that can help prevent this process.  Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning takes every step possible to minimize the browning and your Olefin Berber carpeting looking great. 

We start by using the appropriate solutions, which help prevent the process. Also we use a low moisture carpet cleaning method when dealing with this type of carpet. The low moisture carpet cleaning process leaves less water to evaporate, thus less chance for the wicking to occur. The next step is to help dry the carpet a fast as possible, leaving the least amount of time possible for the browning to happen. 

These steps and a thorough professional carpet cleaning by Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning will leave your Berber carpets looking great. Lastly, if any stains do manage to come back or the browning does occur, give us a call for a free follow up cleaning!

Filtration Soiling. What is it?

Filtration Soiling.  What is it?

Most of us have seen dark lines form around the edges of our carpet as well as in the corners and edges of the stairs and wondered how they got there.   Did the vacuum not reach in the corner? What is it? Why won’t it vacuum up?

These are all common questions people find them selves thinking when they encounter filtration soiling.  This is especially common is colder climates like Portland, Oregon.

 You know that it’s dirt but how does it get there and how do we get rid of it?

 This is known as filtration soiling and it can be very difficult to get rid of.  The movement of air through out your house is what causes this naturally accruing phenomenon.  We all know that cold air falls as warm air rises; well, this is the same idea.  As your house heats up, the warm air is pushed to the top floor through any crack/crevice it can find and the cold air does the opposite and finds its way down.

With that air come miniscule particles of dirt and oily particles that travel though the carpet.  Since your carpet is the biggest air filter in you home, the oily particles get stuck in the carpet and trap more and more dirt as time passes, until you have a visible line of dirt.   The composition of this soiling is what makes it so hard to clean.  Since the particles are so tiny, they get entangled in the fibers of the carpet and the oily composition of the dirt makes a strong bond between the soiling and the carpet.

 Regular carpet cleaning can help battle this type of soiling.  If the carpets are cleaned every 6-12 months by a professional carpet cleaner, the soil does not have enough time to deposit deep into the carpet fibers.   However not everyone schedules regular carpet cleanings and the filtration soiling gets worse and worse.

To get rid of this deeply embedded dirt, our carpet cleaning technicians use the appropriate solutions as well as hot water and powerful suction.  However, in many situations even that is not enough.  In some cases where the filtration soiling has been there for a long time, it is necessary to encapsulate the dirt and break it away from the carpet fibers before extracting it.  This is done with the help of certain gels and solutions, some agitation and a few specific tools.

So don’t give up on those carpets just yet!  Give Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning a call to schedule a free estimate and get your home looking fresh and clean again!

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Hopes on the Slopes 2012 Charity Event

Hopes on the Slopes 2012 Charity Event

Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning is proud to be a sponsor of American Cancer Society’s Hopes on the Slopes Event. We are auctioning off one free house cleaning, with the proceeds going to sponsor our team on the mountain!! Visit the American Cancer Society‘s office website and to find out info about this event click here.

Hopes on the Slopes, is a charity even held at Mount Hood Ski Bowl, yearly. The idea of the event is to raise money for the American Cancer Society by snowboarding/skiing for 24 hours. Teams will recruit sponsors to donate money to the team and in return, the teams put in 24 hours of riding on the mountain. Teams with the most runs done after 24 hours win prizes donated by other sponsors.

So far this event has raised over $38,000 and we hope that our small donation will help them get even further. Luckily, this year’s weather is going to make for a fun and sunny 24 hours at the mountain so get up there if you can.