Some Types Of Mold Are Good, But Not In Your Home

Mold is very unsightly, and seeing it on a block of cheese or a loaf of bread can be pretty disgusting. As bad as mold can look, however, it does have its benefits. Mold is a very important part of nature because it naturally recycles organic matter. Certain varieties of mold have been found to kill bacteria, make cheese, and make bread rise, just to name a few good examples.

In 1928, a Scottish scientist by the name of Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered that some strains of Penicillium fungi acted like antibiotics. From this discovery, Penicillin emerged and was used as medicine. Penicillin was, and still is, viewed by many as a miracle drug. Many other medicines and antibiotics are created using mold. In fact, any medicine that ends in “mycin” is derived from mold.

If it weren’t for mold and fungi, we wouldn’t have beer or bread. Yeast is used in fermentation and is also used to make bread rise in the oven. Many of the unique cheeses in the world are enhanced by using different strains of mold to add flavor. Blue cheese, for example, is enhanced with Penicillium mold which is what gives it its spotty, veiny look as well as its unique smell and taste.

While mold has been found to be extremely useful for a number of reasons, people still don’t want it in their homes. It can cause problems indoors, especially if you are allergic to the mold. At Bridge Town Cleaning, we’re a mold remediation company that also offers Oregon dry ice blasting of indoor mold. If you have a mold problem and you want it gone forever, give Bridge Town Cleaning a call for a free estimate.

Tough Carpet Stains

There is almost nothing worse than being the guy at the party who spills red wine all over your friend’s white carpet. Luckily, if you can’t avoid spilling at parties, there are some simple techniques you can use to get rid of even the toughest of carpet stains.

Coffee and red wine are the two most notorious carpet staining drinks in existence. They both have deep colors and are acidic, which makes them very difficult to remove. If you manage to spill red wine or coffee on white carpet, the best thing to do is attack the stain before it dries and soaks into the fibers of the carpet. If done immediately after spilling, pouring club soda or water on the stain and then blotting the spot with a cloth can remove it. Never, ever rub the stain with a cloth. Rubbing the stain will only swirl the red wine/coffee around and make the stain bigger and deeper. If the stain is still there, then you can try waiting until it is dry and using baking soda paste with water to get the stain out. If none of those techniques work, then you can always use the classic method of shifting your furniture to conveniently cover any noticeable stains. This method only works one or two times, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent solution.

Another notorious carpet-killer is ink. Maybe you stepped on your favorite pen and it exploded in an inky mess, or perhaps your child used the carpet as their own personal coloring board; whatever the case, ink stains can wreak havoc on white carpet. If you spot an ink stain right when it happens, you can use a clean cloth soaked with isopropyl alcohol to dab the stain up. Once again, never rub or grind the stain, this will only intensify the stain. After you have dabbed the stain away with alcohol, rinse the area with water and vacuum up the excess moisture until the carpet is dry.

Blood is another substance that you most definitely want to avoid getting on your carpet. Luckily, bleeding on carpet is pretty rare, but if it does happen there are a few things to know that will make removing the stain a lot easier. When cleaning up blood spots, always make sure to use cold water. Cold water keeps the blood from thickening. Fill a bottle with a mixture of dish soap and cold water then douse the blood spot with the mixture. Then use a towel to dab the spot and transfer the blood from the carpet to the towel. If the stain is still there, then you can try this method over and over again until it is completely removed.

Some stains are pure evil and no matter how hard you attack them they will never completely go away. This can be very frustrating, especially if you just installed brand new carpet in your home. Sometimes it is better to just admit defeat and call the professionals. At Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in performing thorough and quality Portland carpet cleaning and Portland upholstery cleaning.  Give us a call for a free estimate, no matter how dirty your carpet may look.


Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification

For more than 40 years, the Institute of Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has been internationally recognized as an expert industry voice and resource for the cleaning, inspection and restoration industries. The IICRC acts as an independent certification body, and works to set and promote high standards and ethics for the industry. The IICRC also functions to advance communication between industry specialists, as well as communication between consumers and certified technicians. They ensure that when a consumer hires an IICRC-Certified Firm or specialist, that consumer knows that the work will be done professionally and in accordance with the high standards of quality and ethics introduced by the IICRC.

The IICRC approves schools and instructors that teach and administer the Cleantrust certification programs. At these schools and institutions, students learn all about the standards of quality and ethics put forward by the IICRC, and once they have graduated from a certified school, they themselves become IICRC certified specialists. Currently, the IICRC has certified more than 6,000 firms around the world and also has certified more than 53,000 active technicians.

Bridgetown Carpet Cleaning is a highly rated Portland upholstery cleaning company and also an IICRC certified firm. We offer carpet cleaning services, water damage restoration, as well as mold remediation services. We use a truck mounted cleaning system that uses hot water and powerful suction to remove stains and grit from deep within carpet fibers without using harmful chemicals. Being IICRC certified also means that customers can expect high quality service and professionalism whenever they hire Bridgetown Carpet Cleaning, the best carpet cleaning company Portland, Oregon has to offer.

Portland Upholstery Cleaning

When you want your home to look nice, you try to find anything that needs cleaning or that can be made to look nicer. The biggest thing that people concentrate on is their floor. Whether it’s tile, wood, or linoleum the floor is where most attention is focused in or to make the inside of your house look good. While cleaning the floor is important, focusing too much on the floor can cause you to overlook the furniture. Even if there haven’t been any spills on your upholstery, it doesn’t mean that it’s clean. Dust and other air particles will attach themselves to your upholstery, which can cause allergies to flare up and cause the color of your upholstery to fade.

To help get your upholstery as clean as possible, it’s best to hire a professional upholstery cleaner. Professionals can get do the deepest cleaning, while avoiding damage to your upholstery. Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned can even get rid it of any set in stains that may be on your furniture, including the ones on the cushion you flipped over to hide. The biggest benefit of getting your upholstery cleaned is that it will last longer and not need to be replaced as often.

Look for an experienced and trusted Portland Upholstery cleaner to ensure that you get the best service, with no damage to your furniture. Bridge Town Cleaning is the industry leader in Portland upholstery cleaning and will go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right.

Post Winter Water Damage Restoration

Now that the wet winter months are over, water damage on your home or property can be a major concern. It is something where the earlier you can detect the problem and get it fixed, the better off you will be. If water damage goes left untreated, it will spread throughout your home, causing major damage to the structure. Water damage can also be very hazardous to your health if allowed to spread.


Typical causes of water damage may be a slowly leaking pipe that takes you a while to notice or something more obvious, like a burst water pipe. The severity of water damage and safety concerns can be gauged by the color of the water. If the water appears clear, then it likely does not carry any bacteria. When the water is more gray in appearance, then it is usually contaminated with chemicals and bacteria. Any water that appears black is very bad, as that means it is full of harmful bacteria and chemicals.

Water damage that happens over time is usually more troubling as it is difficult to notice and has more time to develop mold or fungus. When mold or fungus is created, your family’s health can be at risk. Serious health problems can stem from mold or fungus including skin rashes, asthma, chronic cough, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

When you notice water damage of any kind, be sure to have an experienced professional come in and repair it. If you don’t and it is improperly repaired it is likely that the damage will have more time to spread and cost you more in the long run. Contact us to see how we can help with your water damage restoration needs.

Upholstery Cleaning Portland Oregon

One often overlooked area when it comes to keeping you house clean is the furniture.  Furniture is usually pretty durable and often times the coloring will camouflage dirt, making it appear clean; however, furniture can quickly become one of the dirtiest areas of your house.

Upholstery Cleaning Portland Oregon

The reason it can become so dirty is the constant usage it receives.  As family members come and go with their daily business, everyone always seems to spend some time on the furniture.  Those with animals often find their dogs and cats lounging around on the furniture as well.  Unfortunately, all of this contributes to the hidden dirt and dander built up in furniture.

Sometimes your furniture will allow for you to remove the cushion covers for washing.  While this may be convenient, it only allows for you to partially clean your upholstery.  What about the upholstery that’s not just covering the cushions?  It may even become damaged while going through the washing machine and dryer.

Since the upholstery might not always appear dirty, it often gets passed over when the house gets cleaned.  Bridge Town is the leader for upholstery cleaning in Portland OR. We have top of the line equipment to remove all of the built-up dirt that has found its way into your furniture.  We take special care to ensure your furniture is cleaned properly and does not incur any damage.  When we are done, your furniture will look just like it did the day you brought it home.

For more information on our upholstery cleaning services, please contact us today!

Olefin Berber and Commercial Carpeting – How To Keep It Clean?

Berber Carpet Cleaning Portland, OR

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Portland, OR

Steam Cleaning Portland, OR

As you can see from the photos, this is a very extreme case of dirty carpet. These pictures are 100% real. In fact they are loaded straight from a cell phone to the site! Olefin Berber is a very common type of carpet and is used in many commercial and residential structures. It is very durable and repels soil well but it does have one drawback. This carpet shows an amazing difference as it gets cleaned but as it dries, the amazing difference can be less and less noticeable. The process of “browning” is what happens as this type of carpet starts to dry. Because of the way Berber carpet is constructed, it is notorious for browning after cleaning. Olefin Berber carpeting loops around and has two points of contact with the pad and base of the carpet. This makes the wicking, a process of evaporation which brings dirt back up with the evaporating moisture, twice as bad as normal carpeting that only has one point of contact with the base.

There are several techniques that can help prevent this process.  Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning takes every step possible to minimize the browning and your Olefin Berber carpeting looking great. 

We start by using the appropriate solutions, which help prevent the process. Also we use a low moisture carpet cleaning method when dealing with this type of carpet. The low moisture carpet cleaning process leaves less water to evaporate, thus less chance for the wicking to occur. The next step is to help dry the carpet a fast as possible, leaving the least amount of time possible for the browning to happen. 

These steps and a thorough professional carpet cleaning by Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning will leave your Berber carpets looking great. Lastly, if any stains do manage to come back or the browning does occur, give us a call for a free follow up cleaning!

Water Damage? Don’t Wait!

Water Damage? Don’t wait, call a professional right away!

The rainy season has officially started! We saw that today, not only by looking outside and working in the rain but also by the number of water damage calls we received. One of the most important things about treating a water intrusion, is to get to it fast and not let it sit and leach into everything it can. Water is very good at traveling through materials and getting into very hard to reach places. Bridge Town Restoration offers 24 hour emergency response services for this exact reason.

As water gets into your home or office, it starts to leach into the walls, floorboards, cabinets and into what ever else it comes in contact with. The faster you call someone for help. the faster we can get that water out with out it creeping into the structural boards, flooring, drywall or trim pieces. Tossing towels in it or using a regular shop vac is NOT ENOUGH to treat the water intrusion. The longer the water sits around, the longer and more expensive is the drying treatment. In most cases, if the water damage is not treated with in 24 hours some items will be damaged beyond repair. After 72 hours mold will begin to grow and the mold remediation process is even more intrusive, expensive and time consuming compared to treating the problem right away.

If you have water coming into your home or office, please DO NOT WAIT to call a professional. Bridge Town Restoration is available 24/7 so do not hesitate to call even if it is in the middle of the night.

Dry Ice Blasting Portland,OR

Bridge Town Restoration and Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer a new service for our customers. As of this week, we are going to be offering Dry Ice Blasting services in the Greater Portland Area. We are one of the only companies in the Portland Metro Area to offer this service.

Dry Ice Blasting is a green alternative to using toxic chemicals and harsh and abrasive mediums. Dry ice blasting is strong enough to strip pain of a car but at the same time, can be used to take mold off of wood with out damaging the wood.
Mold Remediation is one of the most popular uses for dry ice. The ice freezes the mold on contact and by expanding to 30 times its size, it blasts the mold off the wood. Since the dry ice is just frozen CO2, it quickly evaporates, leaving barely any mess to clean up.
Some of the other uses for this blasting medium are:

Graffiti Removal
Mold Remediation
Industrial Cleaning
Electrical Cleaning
Pain Removal
Fire Damage Restoration
Oil, tar build up
Food Service Industry

For more information and before and after pictures, please visit:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for your customers to walk in and notice the stains on the floor, the musky smell of old spills and the overall dirty brown look of your carpets. This is especially noticeable  in the summer months when there is more natural light and higher humidity.


Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning offers regularly scheduled commercial carpet cleaning to our Portland carpet cleaning customers. Ask about our package deals and monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi annual carpet cleaning packages.

Regular maintenance is important but since not every business can do routine cleanings every 3-6 months, Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning offers a deep clean with Scotchgard and Fresh Wave De-Odorizer. These de-odorizers attack and eliminate the source of the odor and leave a nice fresh scent.

At Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning, we understand that your business can not take the day off for a carpet cleaning.   This is why we work on the weekends, in the evenings and in some cases in the middle of the night, so you never miss a minute of business.  We are avaliable 24/7 so do not hesitate to call at any time.

Contact Bridge Town Carpet Cleaning for an estimate and ask about our specials for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Portland.  Call 503-816-8585